Study for PSI and the WV Real Estate License Exam

The following is a transcript of the below posted video on how to go about studying for the WV Real Estate License Exam. Most of us LOVE videos so if you want the polished version, with pictures, cartoons, and music simply click play and watch the video. However, If you want to read it, feel free to continue reading through the blog post!

STUDY TIPS – Spruce School of Real Estate from Billy Zwiener on Vimeo.

How to properly study for the WV Real Estate License Exam provided by PSI/GoAMP

So perhaps you’re confused when you hear me say to study but NOT to memorize the questions” because you won’t see them worded like that ever again on the WV Real Estate License Exam” So I thought I’d make a brief study tips video.

Q-“So, what’s the point of your questions?”

A- The point of the questions is they illustrate concepts that you should have learned in the unit’s material preparing for the WV Real Estate License Exam.

Q-“Why don’t you change your questions?”

A- Well we do change our questions, but is that ever going to keep up with PSI’s precise wordings that they will have on the WV Real Estate License Exam? No. And let me show you why…

This is a PSI Question Bank illustration to hopefully show you the magnitude of what you’re up against and develop a game plan for when you take take the WV Real Estate License Exam. Just like you can place money in a bank, PSI places questions in a bank.The testing center places tens of thousands of questions into a question bank and randomizes them so that you will literally have NO IDEA the questions that they will ask

Now when you show up at the testing center to take your WV Real Estate License Exam, will you EVER see ALL of these otherwise hidden questions in their banks? NO. But you WILL see 150 of them, the problem is you will NEVER know where those 150 questions are pulled from. So, is memorizing 100,000 random questions you find in this course and online practical? No, and it’s impossible. But YOU CAN LEARN the course content so that it can be applied to the randomness that will absolutely be coming at you at these testing center

At Spruce School of Real Estate you CAN find the foundation required to get through this.

There are NO shortcuts with PSI/GoAMP

There is no question bank set you can learn from anywhere that will give you the exact questions you will see from PSI on their version of the WV Real Estate License Exam… and it’s a waste of time because instead of memorizing wordings for 30,000 questions you could of just learned some important foundation of this stuff.

Q-“Why are questions still important regardless of them not being exact?”

A- Because they illustrate the way it plays out. You wouldn’t want to JUST study content and never see a question!?

You should know every answer and why it’s wrong or right. Seriously… that’s the first step of understanding and knowing you’re not memorizing simply a right order or letter C, etc. you need to be able to comprehend the terms they’re using on the WV Real Estate License Exam to throw you off. So, knowing the wrong answers and why they’re wrong is JUST AS IMPORTANT as why an answer is right. Let me show you what I mean…

According to law, a trade fixture is usually treated as

  1. a fixture.
  2. an easement.
  3. personalty.
  4. a license.

Now the answer is personalty but even if you don’t know that yet, follow my logic here-  what other key concepts can be illustrated by this “simple” question… at SOME POINT YOU SHOULD KNOW

trade Fixture, Fixture, Easement, License, (and Personalty)

so, in total 5 massive concepts are illustrated here…

and you should KNOW each one. That’s right… you don’t ONLY need to know the right answers, you need to know the wrong answers enough that you understand why they’re wrong, and you need to be able to do that for every question in the course.

Now don’t get so disheartened at first. These concepts are learned over time as the course progresses (baby steps) so if you don’t know EVERY right and wrong answer at first, be persistent, wait until later when you are learning other terms and other concepts in the course and then look back at older questions, THEY SHOULD BE COMING TOGETHER AT SOME POINT and you should be able to read why wrong answers are wrong.

If you find yourself always going to the correct answer for no reason except for memorization, take a breath and look at the wrong answers and mentally go over WHY they’re wrong and what they are. There is a ton of knowledge in the wrong answers and at the testing centers when you go to take your WV Real Estate License Exam and they throw anything at you, these questions actually helped you learn something.

Now all the future questions that you’ve never seen before can contain concepts you know.

Let me show you a glimpse into reality here…

Here’s a review that we’ve got. I’m not going to read it word for word but I wanted to point out a few of the big things that are written in it. One, the student says that he didn’t see any of our questions on the PSI test. Am I sweating that, No. Why? Because he also goes on to give our online course a five-star review for the quality of the course and he goes on to say that he did pass PSI on his first attempt. Why?… He gets what I am outlining here on the way to pass the WV Real Estate License Exam. This is one reason that I’m a huge advocate of the terminology in the course. So how do you conquer the terminology?

Well you could

1) make notecards
2) buy notecards
3) use apps that are virtual notecards

You’re learning Real Estate Language for this test

Did you ever take Spanish in high school? How did you learn the language? Well guess what? You’re learning real estate language here and it can be twisted and manipulated in many many ways so you must take advantage of the terminology. Now you want some tips for note-cards?

Let me show you this. The number one rule for this massive amount of content is to pace yourself. Personally, I feel that 20 note cards a day is a manageable stack. It doesn’t make me feel too overwhelmed. As you go over your 20 cards. Separate the ones you understand from the ones you don’t understand and then go back over the stack that you didn’t quite get.

You can then shift that pile you didn’t understand into the pile you did and call it a day. In a month. You’ve covered 600 cards. If you rush this it’s easy to become overwhelmed. If you pace yourself you’ll find that it is able to be done and at end of a month you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the stack of cards that you know.

OK, so hopefully this helps a little with your plan. Do the course as outlined in your timeline. Do the activities. On the side, be learning your 20 note cards each day. I realize it’s not easy. The content is sometimes dry, but you know what? It’s online! Pause it, take a break, come back when you feel fresh! No one said you had to do it in a week! That’s why you’re enrolled for a year from the day you sign up!!!!

Good luck. If you need me. Text me, jump into the chat-room, email me, call me. It’s frightening how available I am to answer questions! Have at it! Login to the academic site at

I heard the entire WV Real Estate License Exam has changed!?!?!? No! 2017


Hey everybody, It’s Billy from Spruce School of Real Estate. I thought I’d make a really short two-minute little news cast/ blog post because there’s a lot of questions, a lot of fear going on about, “Oh, did they change the WV Real Estate License Exam?” Because everyone has heard that PSI is now handling the testing so you can now test locally at testing centers. So allow me to address that question about the changes:

Did they change the test?

Quick answer, and it’s simple… No.

But here’s the fear going around, “Oh my gosh, they changed the whole test!!!!” My announcement here is the content of the test has NOT changed. The content of the test is what we teach you in the Spruce real estate online class. They’re not asking you questions on cooking and computer science secretly tossed in. They’re asking you questions on… get this, the content of the real estate course! Did the test content change? Absolutely NOT. What you learned and are learning from Spruce School of Real

Spruce easies your worries on the WV Real Estate Exam
What has changed???

Estate is absolutely great. In fact it continues to be absolutely essential to have taken the Spruce Online Real Estate Class so you CAN pass the WV Real Estate License Exam.

Now, what did they change?

The WVREC and PSI has changed the way they present the test. There are no longer 200 questions. There is now only 150 questions. So where are these 150 questions coming from? Well, those 150 questions are pulled from both national real estate licensing and state licensing questions and separated into two sections. The two sections are divided into 100 national questions and 50 state questions. The state portion will have material asked specifically about West Virginia Real Estate law. Both sections require you to pass with a grade of 75% or better. Now, again, don’t freak out. Did you learn the state information in the class? Yes, you did. That is the red book that we went over in the unit nine content. Unit nine and the red book is the state portion. Did you learn the national portion? YES, you did! That was everything else 😉

What I feel is kind of big deal

Now, what I feel is kind of big deal is the fact that they are pulling 50 questions for the WV Real Estate License exam out of that ONE area. That’s a lot of questions to pull out of that small amount of information. Guess what you can do? Rejoice that you took your class from a LOCAL TO WV SCHOOL AND NOT A NATIONAL COMPANY who mass produces courses and doesn’t care about their students!!!! Because I studied the changes announced and made reviews of all of it! You can also go back and redo unit nine and the red book material, and that would probably make you feel a lot better.

I made a special review of just the state material

That’s right! I made a special review of just the red book content that I placed at the end of your academic

No worries on the WV Real Estate License Exam
Spruce has made YOU two special reviews to ease your worries!

timeline along with the one day review for the national portion. Now you have two separate reviews at the end of our course to prepare you for these changes! You really had and still have the information needed to pass this WV Real Estate License Exam. You really do. In all honesty, I’ve made it that much better by providing you with two separate reviews for the two separate portions of the exam that they are now going to push upon you.

Now, is this scary?

Now, is this scary? No! You know what, they’ve actually done something that I love. They’re allowing you to practice their exam when you show up before you start taking their real exam. They let you sit down, and they let you, if you want, I’m sure you probably have to request this, but they let you pretend to take the exam so you get all your nervous jitters out. Then you say, “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go for it.” Then they start the real exam for you. Hopefully you can shake off those nervous worries.

Other GREAT changes!

The other beautiful thing is you don’t have to wait a week or two to see your results. This is all done electronically now for once. You can know your results immediately. That’s beautiful. No more anxiety after the test. Get it done and it’s done. You don’t have to wait a month for deadlines and filing. You can even retest the next day, but I would recommend if you don’t pass it to wait a few days and study more, but I don’t expect any of you to fail. In the event that you would need to retake it, they don’t make you wait.

The WVREC made these announcements very publicly

None of this is a secret. The West Virginia Real Estate Commission met with all the educators. Believe it or not this ain’t no secret and disclosed all the info from PSI in a handbook printed out that you even have access to. This candidate handbook is downloaded from  You get this candidate handbook that explains these changes to the WV Real Estate License exam and glance it over and realize you KNOW it. Trust me, I’ve read that guide 30 times to make sure I teach it. No mystery questions about marriage advice. You get it, you get it, you really get it!

Keep on keeping on, you WILL pass the WV Real Estate License Exam

Stick with the course. You’re doing the right program which Spruce School of Real Estate has laid out for you. Don’t be afraid. Do the two real estate license reviews that are added to the end of the online timeline and you’re good to go. Spruce has got your back. Call me, email me, text me if you have any questions, but hopefully this makes you feel a ton better about these changes that are now in place for when you go to your PSI testing center to take your WV Real Estate License Exam.

Changes to your WV Real Estate License Testing Process in 2017

Wow the changes at hand regarding your WV real estate license. I understand the confusion and sometimes fear for these new changes. Let’s take 4 minutes to discuss what’s going on. Yes, the West Virginia Real Estate Commission has changed some things but let me set your fear at rest regarding its impact on you.

Let Spruce ease your fears with the impact this has on testing for your WV Real Estate License

changes to the WV Real Estate License policy
Don’t be confused with the changes at hand. We will walk you through what’s happening.

First thing to point out is NOTHING has changed regarding your education. Your education with Spruce is perfect and is absolutely honored as always by the WVREC.  Regardless of any changes to testing policy your education is always good. All that is changing is the way your deadlines are handled to test for your WV real estate license, when you take that state test, and where you take the licensing exam. Might I add, things are actually EASIER for you and let me explain why…

You’re actually going to find it all very convenient.  I am very happy that the WVREC is making these changes. For one, you won’t have to drive to Charleston, WV to take the state exam. This quite possibly saves you having to take off work and reserving a hotel hours away to take a test!!!! I mean come on, the test is annoying enough without having to be out of days of work and hotel costs. There are now testing centers provided by a company called PSI. Now what does PSI stand for? I DON’T KNOW AND I GOOGLED IT FOR A LONG TIME. (haha) Joking aside, that’s the company that is going to handle the WV real estate exam starting April, 2017. Now, let’s be happy that the only thing I can’t quite figure out is what PSI stands for and move along with the details of what PSI does.

Your WV Real Estate License Testing Will Now Be Provided by PSI

PSI, is a third party company that administers testing for a variety of things and they run testing centers sort of like McDonalds sells hamburgers. Meaning, PSI’s business is testing. In this case PSI will handle the testing for your WV Real Estate License exam. There are testing centers for PSI located in Dunbar, Fairmont, and Beckley WV, Hagerstown MD, and Pittsburgh PA so figure out which one is closest to where you are and that should be where you take the WV real estate license exam.

See! It most likely becomes a lot more convenient than historically with only one testing location in Charleston, WV. You can find a testing center closest to you using PSI’s search page located here but be aware that as of this writing this is all so new they haven’t even updated their site to have the WV Real Estate Commission on it yet. Give it a couple weeks and let’s hope they update it In the meantime I’m guessing you have good idea of which of the locations I just listed are closest to your house. Who needs this internet? Use that voice in your head!

Daily Testing? Did I hear this correctly?

The other great thing about these changes are that testing will become a daily occurrence so no more making this huge event out of the WV real estate license exam only given once a month. PSI will schedule a testing date with you with a lot more choices than existed before. Yes, daily testing. This will be coordinated between you and PSI after the WVREC approves your state application. PSI will actually contact you so get used to sitting on your hands waiting… ok, that’s not such a great thing but I’m jokingly telling you like it is and given the convenience that all this brings to the table I think waiting (which you had to do anyway in the old way of doing things, isn’t that bad with this more logical system)

What about the deadlines for your WV Real Estate License?

Another big implication this has on the way things used to be done is there are no more filing deadlines. To those of you asking, “what’s a filing deadline?” you are the future of test takers and it’s OK to NOT know what the deadline was, but for those of you accustomed to what the deadline was let’s try to let the notion go and get with the future. Said another way, you no longer are rushing to complete our online real estate course by 10PM 3 weeks before an exam date to get your paperwork in on time. Yeah, it was weird, clunky and no fun.

Now, you will get things done in a more logical way, which is finish and wait. Now clearly there are more steps to this paperwork which I go over in your class but if you had to dumb it down in three words it would be “finish and wait”. I don’t know about you but I like simplicity and I like that process. Finish and wait, sweet.

Do you want the details?

OK, for those of you that want MORE INFO and HAVE TO KNOW lets proceed. You ask, wait for what? Well, after you finish the class, take your background check as normal, you get your transcript from Spruce and then you mail in all your application paperwork to the WVREC along with the $25 licensing application fee that goes to the commission. Then you wait for the WVREC to approve your application which will then have them pick

PSI now will give you the test
WV Real Estate License policy changes will affect where you test. For the better!

up their red phone with one button that calls PSI (Much like Batman would call the President). PSI then contacts you and says in a wonderfully polite voice, “Hi, this is PSI, we’d like to set up a time and location for you to test for your WV real estate license exam” and you say, “AWESOME, I’ve been sitting on my hands waiting for you to ask!” and then things move along, you breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying for about 2 minutes.

What About Spruce’s Review Session?

Next up, you start worrying again about studying and cramming for the state exam date that PSI just gave you. Back in the good old days when lemonade stands were normal scenery and Buddy Holly hadn’t gotten on that plane yet you remember that you heard Spruce offered a review cram session the day before the state exam. Huh, wha? You ask yourself… How can Spruce do the One Day Review the day before the WV real estate license exam when the state exam is now given daily at 5 locations??? That would require a heck of a lot of review sessions and clones of Billy? And the answer is YES, it WOULD require a lot of review sessions and questionable use of cloning, so Spruce evolved with the program and put the ONE DAY REVIEW ONLINE for their students.

Let’s save money and time! Ok!

Not only that but we decided to reward our loyal true Spruce people due to these transitions and not even charge for the addition. Free? Yeah, free. Simply adding it, above and beyond, to your academic timeline for your online real estate class that you were taking anyhow! This now allows you to not have to take off work for that either! You’re not wasting money on hotel rooms, child care. You’re saving money and time!!! The two most precious commodities of life thanks to Spruce and the WVREC changes! So let’s summarize.

Believe it or not, all is actually well for your future and testing for your WV Real Estate License

Finally,  I have rambled enough here on this. Feel free to ask questions if needed and if you happen to figure out what PSI stands for let me know! Ha. Be warned though, besides google I have scoured their websites FAQ so good luck with this assignment. Until then, Let’s do lunch in Morgantown sometime.


Why Becoming A Real Estate Agent Is Just The Beginning

Most agents usually experience a rude awakening after they get their WV real estate license. Before you start off at your WV real estate school, you are of course anxious and uncertain about the future. However, as you progress with your education, you realize things are way easier than you first thought them to be. As a matter of fact, most people do not see why people consider being a real estate agent a hard job. You cannot help but think about all the property that you will sell and you even begin planning for your future and how big a success you will become.

At the end of it all, you get a WV real estate license and you go out into the world with high hopes and determination. At this point, most people even have buyers lined up and ready for their big buy. Some get lucky and make their first few sales in the first months of entering the working world. Even though the gains are never as much as they anticipated, this is still a win. For most however, the real estate world turns out to be a nightmare and seemingly just for them. It always appears as though everyone else in the brokerage agency is earning while you are not. The buyers that you had apparently lined up turn out to be unreliable and most people probably give up if they have not made a sale in the first three or so months. It is as this point that the painful realization of the complexity of the real estate market hits you. Before you venture out as an agent, it is therefore critically important that you pay attention to the following factors.

Your choice of sponsoring broker

Real Estate Agent on Phone
Google search brokers in your area and call them to make appointments

I will emphasize this as I have in other posts. Your broker is your critical turning point and the choice that you make on the same could make or break your career. You need to choose a broker that is concerned about the success of the beginners. Some agencies place too much attention on the high earners and too little on those that earn nothing or earn too little, which is where you will be while starting out. It is therefore important that you choose a broker that will place emphasis on teaching you how to go about in the business even though you are not earning as much as the other agents.

Have backup income

You should never go into the business with the hope that you will earn a lot and your financial situation will be stable. In fact, for most businesses, this is never the case. If your sole financial is real estate, then you will very well be in a tight spot before you can settle everything. Make sure that you have a contingency in place before you start making your first sales. It is always important to have backup income, which is why I emphasized on using your website

Money in hand
Have money to start this plan.

or blog for affiliate marketing in one of my posts, even though that in itself takes time. The best way to approach this is to find another source of income, such as affiliate marketing, while still in WV real estate school so that by the time you obtain your license, your income source is stable and can generate enough to sustain you.

Lower your expectations

Many external factors influence whether you get to earn in your first few months. That is why it is never a good idea to just focus on internal factors. Sure, you passed all your exams and got your license but what about the real estate market conditions? Are there more sellers than buyers? Is there a sale cycle and if so, at what time of the cycle is your market at by the time you get your WV real estate license? Considering the fact that you do not know how the market is, and whether or not you could make great sales, you should not have extremely high expectations. Even so, that does not mean that you have no expectation at all. You should have goals and plans to achieve them. However, monitor your goals so that they do not come across as too extreme and ludicrous.

Be determined

Not making a sale in your first months should not be your undoing. In fact, it should push you into doing more. You should always be determined and confident in your skills and choices. For your first months, you should place more emphasis on mentorship and learning the ropes. Sharpening your skill before you get into the market is a sure fire way of making great sales. Focus on progressive earning rather than expecting a one-off mega sale that will put you on the map. Marketing should also be a huge focus of yours at this point such as through websites, blogs and social media.


While earning yourself a WV real estate license is a remarkable feat, it is not a guarantee of success. Instead, there are other concerns outside of your WV real estate school that you should pay attention to.


You have your WV Real Estate License, so now what!!!???

Being a teacher at Spruce School of Real Estate I like to stay in touch with the techniques being used by others. Setting yourself apart from the rest of the real estate agents out there is ideal. Don’t fall prey to thinking once you get your West Virginia Real Estate License that all your learning is over. I don’t think there’s any field of work that you can be stagnant in and expect any sort of gain. Unless you enjoy cashier register work. So let’s look a little further than the things covered in WV Real Estate License exam prep.  Let’s surf the net for the bizarre!

Look for creative ways to shine

Looking over some pretty out of the box real estate news I see some pretty creative ideas for showcasing that listing by an agent who dressed as a giant

Dressing like a panda bear sold a house for one agent.
Dressing like a panda bear sold a house for one agent.

panda bear. Now, let the laughter wear off and take a breath.  I must admit, it’s NOT a terrible idea. When you think of how many tiring pics of living rooms and kitchens are out there I guess it COULD grab a few extra eyes if you dig through your old Halloween costumes. Reportedly it had 12 showings in the first two days (after very little attention in the previous 3 weeks) and did result in a sale. Makes you think about those old listings getting no attention. How far are you willing to go? Suit of armor? Dinosaur? Part of being an active real estate licensee is using your creativity. It’s going to be what separates you from the rest.

Is dressing up like a Disney character not your cup of tea for being a real estate agent in West Virginia? Ok. I can live with that and I understand but let’s not keep that from thinking outside of the box on what’s going to bring eyes and potential shares via social media. You worked hard for that WV real estate license so let’s make it work out for you.

What tools do you have?

Do you have a video camera? How about your iPhone? Did you realize that the iPhone can shoot 4k video? That’s pretty impressive when you think most of us have some video creation tools at our fingertips these days. There’s also a lot of free video software for basic editing that is available with a simple google search. Ok running with that idea. Creating a short video for YouTube or Vimeo and sharing that is going to bring eyes to your listing. People like video. Its easy eye candy and if a friend on Facebook knows someone looking for real estate in West Virginia

You have a lot of creative tools right at your fingertips
You have a lot of creative tools right at your fingertips

they’re likely to share that video. Even better, give your hand at something funny that might be the focal point of WHY it gets shared and you’re gaining that many more eyes on your listing.

So what’s your plan for the New Year?

Is real estate in your future? Did you already get your WV Real Estate License and it’s just sat there unused because of some missing sparks that fueled the creativity to make those sales boom? If so make sure to check back here at our blog and we will try to help with the flint and steal. Spruce School of Real Estate is the highest rated and reviewed real estate school in WV, with 25 years of proven success!