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Changes to your WV Real Estate License Testing Process in 2017

Wow the changes at hand regarding your WV real estate license. I understand the confusion and sometimes fear for these new changes. Let’s take 4 minutes to discuss what’s going on. Yes, the West Virginia Real Estate Commission has changed some things but let me set your fear at rest regarding its impact on you.

Let Spruce ease your fears with the impact this has on testing for your WV Real Estate License

First thing to point out is NOTHING has changed regarding your education. Your education with Spruce is perfect and is absolutely honored as always by the WVREC.  Regardless of any changes to testing policy your education is always good. All that is changing is the way your deadlines are handled to test for your WV real estate license, when you take that state test, and where you take the licensing exam. Might I add, things are actually EASIER for you and let me explain why…

You’re actually going to find it all very convenient.  I am very happy that the WVREC is making these changes. For one, you won’t have to drive to Charleston, WV to take the state exam. This quite possibly saves you having to take off work and reserving a hotel hours away to take a test!!!! I mean come on, the test is annoying enough without having to be out of days of work and hotel costs. There are now testing centers provided by a company called PSI. Now what does PSI stand for? I DON’T KNOW AND I GOOGLED IT FOR A LONG TIME. (haha) Joking aside, that’s the company that is going to handle the WV real estate exam starting April, 2017. Now, let’s be happy that the only thing I can’t quite figure out is what PSI stands for and move along with the details of what PSI does.

Your WV Real Estate License Testing Will Now Be Provided by PSI

PSI, is a third party company that administers testing for a variety of things and they run testing centers sort of like McDonalds sells hamburgers. Meaning, PSI’s business is testing. In this case PSI will handle the testing for your WV Real Estate License exam. There are testing centers for PSI located in Dunbar, Fairmont, and Beckley WV, Hagerstown MD, and Pittsburgh PA so figure out which one is closest to where you are and that should be where you take the WV real estate license exam.

See! It most likely becomes a lot more convenient than historically with only one testing location in Charleston, WV. You can find a testing center closest to you using PSI’s search page located here but be aware that as of this writing this is all so new they haven’t even updated their site to have the WV Real Estate Commission on it yet. Give it a couple weeks and let’s hope they update it In the meantime I’m guessing you have good idea of which of the locations I just listed are closest to your house. Who needs this internet? Use that voice in your head!

Daily Testing? Did I hear this correctly?

The other great thing about these changes are that testing will become a daily occurrence so no more making this huge event out of the WV real estate license exam only given once a month. PSI will schedule a testing date with you with a lot more choices than existed before. Yes, daily testing. This will be coordinated between you and PSI after the WVREC approves your state application. PSI will actually contact you so get used to sitting on your hands waiting… ok, that’s not such a great thing but I’m jokingly telling you like it is and given the convenience that all this brings to the table I think waiting (which you had to do anyway in the old way of doing things, isn’t that bad with this more logical system)

What about the deadlines for your WV Real Estate License?

Another big implication this has on the way things used to be done is there are no more filing deadlines. To those of you asking, “what’s a filing deadline?” you are the future of test takers and it’s OK to NOT know what the deadline was, but for those of you accustomed to what the deadline was let’s try to let the notion go and get with the future. Said another way, you no longer are rushing to complete our online real estate course by 10PM 3 weeks before an exam date to get your paperwork in on time. Yeah, it was weird, clunky and no fun.

Now, you will get things done in a more logical way, which is finish and wait. Now clearly there are more steps to this paperwork which I go over in your class but if you had to dumb it down in three words it would be “finish and wait”. I don’t know about you but I like simplicity and I like that process. Finish and wait, sweet.

Do you want the details?

OK, for those of you that want MORE INFO and HAVE TO KNOW lets proceed. You ask, wait for what? Well, after you finish the class, take your background check as normal, you get your transcript from Spruce and then you mail in all your application paperwork to the WVREC along with the $25 licensing application fee that goes to the commission. Then you wait for the WVREC to approve your application which will then have them pick

up their red phone with one button that calls PSI (Much like Batman would call the President). PSI then contacts you and says in a wonderfully polite voice, “Hi, this is PSI, we’d like to set up a time and location for you to test for your WV real estate license exam” and you say, “AWESOME, I’ve been sitting on my hands waiting for you to ask!” and then things move along, you breathe a sigh of relief and stop worrying for about 2 minutes.

What About Spruce’s Review Session?

Next up, you start worrying again about studying and cramming for the state exam date that PSI just gave you. Back in the good old days when lemonade stands were normal scenery and Buddy Holly hadn’t gotten on that plane yet you remember that you heard Spruce offered a review cram session the day before the state exam. Huh, wha? You ask yourself… How can Spruce do the One Day Review the day before the WV real estate license exam when the state exam is now given daily at 5 locations??? That would require a heck of a lot of review sessions and clones of Billy? And the answer is YES, it WOULD require a lot of review sessions and questionable use of cloning, so Spruce evolved with the program and put the ONE DAY REVIEW ONLINE for their students.

Let’s save money and time! Ok!

Not only that but we decided to reward our loyal true Spruce people due to these transitions and not even charge for the addition. Free? Yeah, free. Simply adding it, above and beyond, to your academic timeline for your online real estate class that you were taking anyhow! This now allows you to not have to take off work for that either! You’re not wasting money on hotel rooms, child care. You’re saving money and time!!! The two most precious commodities of life thanks to Spruce and the WVREC changes! So let’s summarize.

Believe it or not, all is actually well for your future and testing for your WV Real Estate License

Finally,  I have rambled enough here on this. Feel free to ask questions if needed and if you happen to figure out what PSI stands for let me know! Ha. Be warned though, besides google I have scoured their websites FAQ so good luck with this assignment. Until then, Let’s do lunch in Morgantown sometime.