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WV Real Estate License Background Check – Identogo

How to Navigate the Identogo Website for your WV Real Estate License Background Check

Okay, here is my new tutorial for how to navigate the identogo website for your WV Real Estate License Background Check. Rather than going to like I historically told everyone to do. Pop this address in your address bar, . Okay. That is way easier than navigating from to this page. Both are possible, but this just puts you right here where the service code is needed to be entered.

So now the next hurdle is where do I get my service code?

You get your service code from the applicant background check form for your WV Real Estate License Background Check. You might be asking, where do I get that? Well, we mailed it with your textbook, but if you do not have it, you can download one from the West Virginia Real Estate Commission website.

Where Does the Code Go?

So you take the service code which is now being requested on the identogo site. It’s 228Q6K and you go back to your page that you went to, and then you simply a type in or paste your code there. You hit the go button and it’s kinda that simple. Then you can schedule or manage an appointment.

Schedule the Appointment and You’re One Step Closer to Getting your WV Real Estate License!

We want to schedule an appointment. So you click that and from here on out It’s really up to you. You know your first name, I don’t really need to guide you through the rest. Just fill in the form fills as you would anything on the web. Up at the top it shows 228Q6K, and it says West Virginia Real Estate Commission, so you know it’s going into the right place and all is well. Your background check is on it’s way to the WVREC and you’re one more step towards getting your WV Real Estate License. If you didn’t know, Spruce School of Real Estate will walk with you hand in hand from enrollment through your WV Real Estate License testing date like we’ve done with thousands of students over 25 plus years. We’re based out of West Virginia FOR West Virginia Real Estate Licensing.

If you need more info please don’t hesitate to ask us! We have live chat on our sites main page here at the best online real estate school