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I heard the entire WV Real Estate License Exam has changed!?!?!? No! 2017

Hey everybody, It’s Billy from Spruce School of Real Estate. I thought I’d make a really short two-minute little news cast/ blog post because there’s a lot of questions, a lot of fear going on about, “Oh, did they change the WV Real Estate License Exam?” Because everyone has heard that PSI is now handling the testing so you can now test locally at testing centers. So allow me to address that question about the changes:

Did they change the test?

Quick answer, and it’s simple… No.

But here’s the fear going around, “Oh my gosh, they changed the whole test!!!!” My announcement here is the content of the test has NOT changed. The content of the test is what we teach you in the Spruce real estate online class. They’re not asking you questions on cooking and computer science secretly tossed in. They’re asking you questions on… get this, the content of the real estate course! Did the test content change? Absolutely NOT. What you learned and are learning from Spruce School of Real

Estate is absolutely great. In fact it continues to be absolutely essential to have taken the Spruce Online Real Estate Class so you CAN pass the WV Real Estate License Exam.

Now, what did they change?

The WVREC and PSI has changed the way they present the test. There are no longer 200 questions. There is now only 150 questions. So where are these 150 questions coming from? Well, those 150 questions are pulled from both national real estate licensing and state licensing questions and separated into two sections. The two sections are divided into 100 national questions and 50 state questions. The state portion will have material asked specifically about West Virginia Real Estate law. Both sections require you to pass with a grade of 75% or better. Now, again, don’t freak out. Did you learn the state information in the class? Yes, you did. That is the red book that we went over in the unit nine content. Unit nine and the red book is the state portion. Did you learn the national portion? YES, you did! That was everything else 😉

What I feel is kind of big deal

Now, what I feel is kind of big deal is the fact that they are pulling 50 questions for the WV Real Estate License exam out of that ONE area. That’s a lot of questions to pull out of that small amount of information. Guess what you can do? Rejoice that you took your class from a LOCAL TO WV SCHOOL AND NOT A NATIONAL COMPANY who mass produces courses and doesn’t care about their students!!!! Because I studied the changes announced and made reviews of all of it! You can also go back and redo unit nine and the red book material, and that would probably make you feel a lot better.

I made a special review of just the state material

That’s right! I made a special review of just the red book content that I placed at the end of your academic

timeline along with the one day review for the national portion. Now you have two separate reviews at the end of our course to prepare you for these changes! You really had and still have the information needed to pass this WV Real Estate License Exam. You really do. In all honesty, I’ve made it that much better by providing you with two separate reviews for the two separate portions of the exam that they are now going to push upon you.

Now, is this scary?

Now, is this scary? No! You know what, they’ve actually done something that I love. They’re allowing you to practice their exam when you show up before you start taking their real exam. They let you sit down, and they let you, if you want, I’m sure you probably have to request this, but they let you pretend to take the exam so you get all your nervous jitters out. Then you say, “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go for it.” Then they start the real exam for you. Hopefully you can shake off those nervous worries.

Other GREAT changes!

The other beautiful thing is you don’t have to wait a week or two to see your results. This is all done electronically now for once. You can know your results immediately. That’s beautiful. No more anxiety after the test. Get it done and it’s done. You don’t have to wait a month for deadlines and filing. You can even retest the next day, but I would recommend if you don’t pass it to wait a few days and study more, but I don’t expect any of you to fail. In the event that you would need to retake it, they don’t make you wait.

The WVREC made these announcements very publicly

None of this is a secret. The West Virginia Real Estate Commission met with all the educators. Believe it or not this ain’t no secret and disclosed all the info from PSI in a handbook printed out that you even have access to. This candidate handbook is downloaded from  You get this candidate handbook that explains these changes to the WV Real Estate License exam and glance it over and realize you KNOW it. Trust me, I’ve read that guide 30 times to make sure I teach it. No mystery questions about marriage advice. You get it, you get it, you really get it!

Keep on keeping on, you WILL pass the WV Real Estate License Exam

Stick with the course. You’re doing the right program which Spruce School of Real Estate has laid out for you. Don’t be afraid. Do the two real estate license reviews that are added to the end of the online timeline and you’re good to go. Spruce has got your back. Call me, email me, text me if you have any questions, but hopefully this makes you feel a ton better about these changes that are now in place for when you go to your PSI testing center to take your WV Real Estate License Exam.