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Everything you wanted to know about the Spruce School of Real Estate

Spruce School of Real Estate is the only real estate license educator that typically has 100% pass rate every month on the WV real estate exam. There are a number of reasons people call Spruce the #1 West Virginia Real Estate School, and our amazing study guides and teachers would definitely be two big reasons at the top of the list.

Being a West Virginia Real Estate School, our job is to teach and prepare you for a test offered by the state allowing you to be a licensed real estate salesperson.

We have been perfecting our study guides, test prep, and approaches to learn them for 29 years. Teaching the important things to know can make a huge difference when trying to learn a seemingly overwhelming amount of hard to understand terminology and content.

We have successfully helped countless people understand that very content and use that knowledge to gain their WV real estate license. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a real estate license in WV you’ve found the top choice of schools in our state.

We are the only true WV Real Estate School offering fully approved online real estate classes in WV.

Our Process

Using time proven memory techniques we have taken a huge weight of dry content and made it bearable and even fun. We were the first real estate educator in our state to bring our teaching into the online format and thus were able to offer WV real estate classes online, and with that experience Spruce School of Real Estate stays ahead of the competition by understanding the evolution of online education in our practice.

Taking online real estate classes has both pitfalls and strengths and we are fortunate to have the experience to know what works for the learner and the educator.

All of our materials are approved by our state of West Virginia’s Real Estate Commission, and also by ARELLO, a global organization regulating real estate education and online delivery. All of our online real estate classes are taught by Certified Distance Education Instructors giving them the upper hand in implementing how to teach utilizing the internet as it’s delivery method.

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers

Photo of Gerald Slayman

Gerald Slayman

1 month ago

Spruce School of Real Estate will give you all the tools necessary to succeed at the "scary" real estate exam.

Photo of Slayman GH

Slayman GH

1 month ago

Spruce School of Real Estate will give you all the tools necessary to succeed at the "scary" real estate exam.

Photo of Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

1 month ago

I completed the course 4/8/23, and just passed my national and state exams today 4/20/23! This program is amazing and all the prep at the end of the course really made the difference in passing the exams. Billy goes above and beyond to give you all the tools needed to pass the course and your exams! I'm excited to begin this new journey in real estate!

Photo of Gabriel McDonald

Gabriel McDonald

1 month ago

The West Virginia state and National exams are a beast – this course is the sword to slay that dragon.

Photo of Jamie Settle

Jamie Settle

2 months ago

Billy gives you everything you need to know to pass the Real Estate Exam. The way he teaches the information makes it easier to remember and the helpful hints he gives really work. I highly recommend this course!

Will I Succeed?

For 29 years Spruce School of Real Estate has been boasting the highest pass rates and has been successfully helping countless students to get their WV real estate license and brokers license from that classroom.

No matter what type of learning you’re comfortable with and what your schedule at home allows we are here to accommodate you with the tools you need to get your WV real estate license.

Having the best teachers this state can offer and our constantly updated study guides that 25 years of experience tirelessly put together, allows us to do what we do best, getting you your WV real estate license, and making us the #1 West Virginia Real Estate School.

Spruce School of Real Estate, Inc. is fully approved and regulated by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission and ARELLO. Permanent instruction is now located in Morgantown, WV, but Spruce primarily holds their classroom in a virtual environment using state of the art delivery via an online classroom.

Spruce is open to hold classes in other parts of the state on request if classroom size warrants our presence.

Spruce School of Real Estate, Inc. has helped thousands of learners succeed with passing the WV Real Estate Exam, and has been priding ourselves as the “Best WV Real Estate School” since 1993.

Take In-Person Classes to Obtain Your Real Estate License in Morgantown, WV

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