West Virginia Real Estate Exam Review

What is the "One Day Review"?

This is absolutely the most up to date review of the West Virginia Real Estate Exam. Now, included in your enrollment for Spuce's Online Real Estate Class accessed now ANYTIME, this review can certainly give you the confidence needed for the WV Real Estate Exam when you are assigned your test date by PSI.

You've put a lot of effort into taking your online real estate classes to get your WV real estate license - why not increase your chances of passing the WV real estate exam? Guess what the cost of the review is? ... IT'S INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE to OUR STUDENTS

*** Note for outside schools wishing to attend. Sorry, this review is ONLY for Spruce students. the #1 review session for the WV Real Estate License Exam, you CAN get that by being involved with Spruce from the start. If you'd like to sign up for our online pre-sales license course (which includes this infamous cram packed review session) call and sign up today! 304-744-1286

When and where is the "One Day Review"?

It's every day, online all the time. If you haven't heard yet, the West Virginia Real Estate Commission has changed how they are giving the real estate license exam The exam is now given at testing centers through a company called PSI located strategically around West Virginia and it's neighboring states. These testing centers offer the exam daily! We aren't going to ignore that fact and leave you helpless to study alone. We will gve you the real estate license exam review daily as well. By providing it online to our students.

WV Online Real Estate Exam Prep

Thatís right, the one day review youíve heard so much about is now at your fingertips and you have access to it 24/7 when you sign up for Spruces online pre salesperson class. Thatís right, no more taking off work an extra day and paying for a hotel to attend in class. It is accessed online anytime, and whatís better? The price is INCLUDED IN YOUR CLASS ENROLLMENT. Thatís right, yet another thing that sets Spruceís class apart from the competition. You can now attend the one day review, with no extra charge, included with your class enrollment and available 24/7.

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Spruce Benefits

Spruce has 28 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

We offer the most up-to-date information the DAY BEFORE the state exam in a power-packed all-day review session.

Your short-term recall will help you the next day! It works better than any other method you can use.

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You do not need to be signed up. If you're our student you're already signed up! Prep anytime for the WV real estate exam.