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If real estate licenses expire June 30th and I test NOW, when do I need continuing education?

WV Real Estate License Continuing Education and When a New Licensee Needs it.

It’s that time of the year again when anyone who holds a WV Real Estate License needs their 7-hour continuing education. So when is the first 7-hour continuing ed needed?  Let’s look at how that relates to YOU completing the 90-hour pre-sales WV licensing class. We’ll also see when you test with PSI and how that affects this requirement… To make this easier I thought I’d make a video to help explain away the confusion.

 The Fiscal Year and What That is.

Ok, everyone who takes the course KNOWS that the year that licensing goes by is NOT like a calendar year, RIGHT!? RIGHT!!!  So we ALL know that the WV real estate licensing year starts July 1 and ENDS June 30th.

We also KNOW that every FISCAL year (July 1- June 30th)  you need to do 7 hours of continuing education to maintain an active license… BUT you also know that there is ONE MAGICAL FISCAL YEAR (key word here is “fiscal”, and why this gets confusing sometimes) that you do NOT have to do 7 hours of continuing education to keep an active WV Real Estate License.

Now, when is this wonderful, magical time? Well, this happens ONLY ONE TIME and is the FIRST FISCAL YEAR based on when you get licensed…

So when do you get licensed? Well, ask yourself that 🙂

This means that if you pass PSI’s real estate licensing exam BEFORE June 30th, 2018, you will need to get 7 hours of continuing education anytime between   July 1, 2018, and June 30th of 2019.

When did you pass?

IF you pass PSI’s licensing exam  AFTER July 1st, 2018 then you will need to get 7 hours of continuing education by June 30th of 2020.

So let me say it another way. IF you test before June 30th your deadline for completing your continuing education is ALL THE WAY IN 2019!

IF you test  AFTER July 1st your deadline for continuing education is  ALL THE WAY IN 2020

Those are the ONLY TWO SCENARIOS!!!  Kind of simple when you think of it that way, right!?


To enroll in Spruce School of Real Estates 90 Pre Licensing Online Sales Course make sure to visit or check in at the WV Licensing authority you can always visit the WV Real Estate Commissions website here