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“No Children in Housing” Legally Allowed?

This article is about something we learn in our online real estate class however I thought it wouldn’t hurt to go into more detail. If we would see something like “No children allowed” on a advertisement some might immediately think,…

How to find the ORIGINAL sales price

WARNING, this is NOT a very mathematical approach to finding the original sales price of a property. This is a plug and play equation I compiled after watching a LOT of videos on this subject. Mathematicians would cry at the…

Promissory Note Math for the Real Estate License Exam

In today’s episode of “Spruce Answers”your real estate license prep test questions we have a quick one. It reads “Using the services of a mortgage broker, a buyer borrowed $25,000 from a private lender. After the loan costs were deducted,…

Appraised Value Math for Your Real Estate License Prep

OK in this episode of “Spruce Answers” we have a pretty hard math question that comes from the darkest depths of your real estate license prep. Let’s jump in and make it easy to understand! So the question reads… “If…

Discount Point Math for your WV Real Estate Licensing Exam

Today in “Spruce Answers” I’m going over the real estate math licensing concept of the discount point. This is easier than you might think . The question is… “If a house was sold for $360,000 and the buyer obtained a…

Difficult Real Estate License Math for your WV Real Estate License

When you’re dealing with difficult real estate license math that we need to get your WV real estate license look no further than the best school for your West Virginia Real Estate License to explain. Honestly, I post these after…

Real Estate Math Walk-Through Part 1 to help you get that WV Real Estate License

There are a few real estate math topics in your real estate license textbook that are very hard to make sense of At Spruce School of Real Estate we have forums dedicated to JUST explaining real estate math and the…

Taking the WV Real Estate Exam

Okay, I’ll be honest. A week ago today, I was standing over my sink with a pint of ice cream and a spoon, prattling on to my best friend about how there was no way I could be a real…

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