How To Get a Real Estate License in WV

Below you will find a series of helpful articles we have put together to hopefully help you understand what needs done in order to get a real estate license in West Virginia. Enrolling in our real estate license classes and reading/watching the list below will make the mystery of what to do next get a lot clearer.

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It takes some effort between thinking "I want to get a West Virginia real estate license" and actually doing it. There are a few steps involved which can seem quite overwhelming at times ESPECIALLY if you don't have the #1 WV Real Estate School watching after you. Lucky for you you have found the #1 WV Real Estate School for producing students who PASS the exam and you found the #1 West Virginia Real Estate School for customer care for a real estate school that truly does care. We take our business home with us and we deal with everyone as we would like to be dealt with. We answer questions day and night and we will walk you through any confusing idea along the way. If you want to get WV real estate license and need help we WILL walk with you the entire way until you get your West Virginia real estate license. We are NOT a national school selling courses at a capacity that we can't keep up with our students. We are are a local WV real estate school who has worked our way up through the ranks of other schools to become the absolute largest producer of people holding a WV real estate license in our home state. We have become large simply by being the best at what we do and we have kept local so we can handle our work load and give every student the attention they deserve for the money they spend wanting to learn. When you call us you get a live person and you will get a hold of someone experienced for 20 plus years regarding the laws and current requirements that cater to the West Virginia Real Estate License. You really can't find this type of care and expertise on this subject matter from any other WV real estate school but Spruce School of Real Estate.

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Spruce has 28 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

All 90 Hour Courses are constantly updated to keep pace with the state exam requirements.

We offer the most up-to-date information the DAY BEFORE the state exam in a power-packed all-day review session.

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