Steps To Getting a WV Real Estate License:

Finding a broker to work for...

It's quite common to be confused by some of the steps necessary in becoming a real estate salesperson so let's look at what you'll need to do to find a broker to work for. Some of you might have some anxiety finding someone to work for, and yes, every salesperson needs to work for a broker, and no, you can't become a broker without being a salesperson first so all salespeople have a broker. Now, you've probably heard of real estate brokers and there's probably some misconceptions about them and what they may or may not do but every salesperson absolutely needs to work for a broker to do anything. As a matter of fact you cannot even test to get a real estate license unless you have a broker sponsor you to take the state exam. Now, sponsor, well that might be a confusing word in this context so what does this mean? Well it simply means a real estate broker signs on the state application that you fill out when applying to test that they think you should be able to test to become a salesperson.


It's quite natural to not know what brokerage you're going to work for at first and it's honestly never too early to start looking. As I mentioned earlier you will need a sponsoring broker to sign your application to even test so as soon as you start taking classes go ahead and start shopping around for potential brokers to work for. real estate salespeople If you're easily stressed by job interviews don't look at this as a job interview. Brokers need you so they can make money. They need YOU just as badly as you need them so although this has SOME characteristics of a job interview try and feel like you have choices here and although they might arrange a meeting with you (hopefully because if they don't you probably don't want them), you're picking who YOU want to work for too! I've told students to pick up a Homes and Land magazine in their area and see what offices might look like an office you might want to work for based on their advertising (note- you will see that advertising might cost you somewhere in the chain of events so keep in mind there are previously unseen factors that might weigh in to your decision and will need thought about largely by meeting with different offices and asking questions to them.)

After you get an idea of a few offices you might want to work for call them

1)Tell them you are taking your class through Spruce and you are to be licensed soon. That you need a broker to work under and you were wondering if you could make an appointment to meet with the broker about working for them.

I'm almost certain most brokers WANT and NEED new agents and will happily make an appt to see you. If they don't then there's big red flag that you don't need to be there. When at that meeting ask some questions and feel the place out. Big ones I feel are...

1) Office fee's? money(Some do, some don't. Remember what I said about those flashy ads in Homes and Land magazine? Some also advertise well because of fee's and some cut costs advertising because they don't ever take a desk fee from you so it's not necessarily them ripping you off, it's really the differences in the way an office is run and how you feel about that decides who you pick. There are negatives and benefits to most anything and that's why you need to meet with the broker, even for ten minutes) Someone might think something a plus that another might see as a negative... For instance, the way a broker budgets their advertising and it's cost to you.

Some of the bigger agencies that advertise well might end up charging higher desk fees, office fees, and/or different commission splits with the salesperson/broker. Now this MIGHT be seen as good strategy for an agent OR might be seen as a money pit and it's up to you to decide what's important to you and to ask the office what they do and if that fits your business strategy.

2) Required office time? (Some require you HAVE to answer phones for 2 hours, etc a week... This might be GREAT as you need all the leads you can get (and taking calls in the office is a great place to start) or it might be bad if you're working 40 hours a week elsewhere? Once again it's going to depend on your feelings. Once again, something that needs thought about in your personal business strategy. Where do you intend to meet clients? If you don't already know a lot of people buying and selling then you MIGHT very well want to be at a real estate office more than at home to meet people coming in or taking calls there where you can get potential leads.

These are just two questions that come to mind quickly for me. I'm sure there could be hundreds of questions but it's something you can think of between now and your meeting and if you're drawing a blank, use these two questions I have given and start from there. All of offices are run differently. Even Century 21 Morgantown is run differently than Century 21 Fairmont so you have to see what the broker does. Some brokers train better than others. Some might even share a listing with you that need help with. It's always going to vary which is why there's not a set answer for me to give.

Honestly, I'd call around the brokers in your area and try and schedule a meeting with two or three... Anything better than just one is probably good but maybe even one is fine if you find they fit you! They're more than likely going to be happy to have you, and as I said earlier, if they're not then don't get involved with them as it wouldn't have worked out anyway.


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