You have your WV Real Estate License, so now what!!!???

Being a teacher at Spruce School of Real Estate I like to stay in touch with the techniques being used by others. Setting yourself apart from the rest of the real estate agents out there is ideal. Don’t fall prey to thinking once you get your West Virginia Real Estate License that all your learning is over. I don’t think there’s any field of work that you can be stagnant in and expect any sort of gain. Unless you enjoy cashier register work. So let’s look a little further than the things covered in WV Real Estate License exam prep.  Let’s surf the net for the bizarre!

Look for creative ways to shine

Looking over some pretty out of the box real estate news I see some pretty creative ideas for showcasing that listing by an agent who dressed as a giant

Dressing like a panda bear sold a house for one agent.
Dressing like a panda bear sold a house for one agent.

panda bear. Now, let the laughter wear off and take a breath.  I must admit, it’s NOT a terrible idea. When you think of how many tiring pics of living rooms and kitchens are out there I guess it COULD grab a few extra eyes if you dig through your old Halloween costumes. Reportedly it had 12 showings in the first two days (after very little attention in the previous 3 weeks) and did result in a sale. Makes you think about those old listings getting no attention. How far are you willing to go? Suit of armor? Dinosaur? Part of being an active real estate licensee is using your creativity. It’s going to be what separates you from the rest.

Is dressing up like a Disney character not your cup of tea for being a real estate agent in West Virginia? Ok. I can live with that and I understand but let’s not keep that from thinking outside of the box on what’s going to bring eyes and potential shares via social media. You worked hard for that WV real estate license so let’s make it work out for you.

What tools do you have?

Do you have a video camera? How about your iPhone? Did you realize that the iPhone can shoot 4k video? That’s pretty impressive when you think most of us have some video creation tools at our fingertips these days. There’s also a lot of free video software for basic editing that is available with a simple google search. Ok running with that idea. Creating a short video for YouTube or Vimeo and sharing that is going to bring eyes to your listing. People like video. Its easy eye candy and if a friend on Facebook knows someone looking for real estate in West Virginia

You have a lot of creative tools right at your fingertips
You have a lot of creative tools right at your fingertips

they’re likely to share that video. Even better, give your hand at something funny that might be the focal point of WHY it gets shared and you’re gaining that many more eyes on your listing.

So what’s your plan for the New Year?

Is real estate in your future? Did you already get your WV Real Estate License and it’s just sat there unused because of some missing sparks that fueled the creativity to make those sales boom? If so make sure to check back here at our blog and we will try to help with the flint and steal. Spruce School of Real Estate is the highest rated and reviewed real estate school in WV, with 25 years of proven success!

WV Real Estate Classes

Real Estate requirements will increase within the next decade to cater to increasing population and immigration. Many are foreseeing low interest rates and economic stability.

Economic Growth WV Real Estate Classes Online
Economic Growth WV Real Estate Classes Online

Thus many will be building their first house or buying a second one. This is the reason why careers within the real estate industry are one of the most remunerative occupations in recent years. Now, with the convenience provided by the internet, valuable tips, courses and information about almost anything, and in our case real estate, are available. Today even medical consultations are done online. And new email correspondence courses have become easily available. WV Online real estate schools and courses are continuously being designed and upgraded to help speed up the real estate careers or earning capacities of many men and women. Most WV’s online real estate schools offer courses for preparing for the real estate brokers licensing exam.

These courses vary according to state laws. The student is therefore given a lead-in into these laws to enable him to work in other states. With such questions as “Are you new in real estate and just want to obtain a broker’s license. Or do you want to review and be updated with the latest trends, news and laws regarding the real estate industry because you want to renew your license? We believe that whatever your purpose is, we’ve got you covered. Online real estate courses WV therefore cover the following basic courses:

1. Courses for Real Estate Sales Person License.
2. Courses for Real Estate Broker’s License
3. Courses on Real Estate Appraisal
4. Courses on Real Estate continuing education
5. Courses on Real Estate Blogging
6. Courses on Post Education

WV Real Estate Classes Online
There’s no better time for WV Real Estate Classes Online

The good thing about Online real estate course in WV is that it is self-paced, user-friendly and therefore easy and convenient. For courses like real estate, WV online real estate schools are preferred because of it’s cost-effectivity. There are also mock exams which are patterned from previous examinations to determine the student’s readiness for the real estate broker’s exam. Furthermore, you can go to “School” by merely going online anytime and any day of the week. And what’s even more exciting is that you don’t have to quit your job in order to learn about real estate. Plus you can contact for support by simply sending an email or calling a number. Now is the best time to learn about real estate. Feel free to contact us at 304-744-1286 to see if our WV online real estate classes are the right ones for you!

Review Class is at the REC Center April 30th 2015

If you took your WV Online real estate classes with us and are set to take the West Virginia Real Estate Exam May 1st and attending the the Spruce School of Real Estate Review session on April 30th please make note of this. The review is being held at the South Charleston

ODR at South Charleston REC Center
Attending the ODR this month? We have moved it to the South Charleston REC Center.

REC center rather than Wade’s normal classroom due to an expected large group of attendees.

Simple Directions:

Exit 54 MacCorkle Avenue, turn onto Jefferson Road, 601 Jefferson Road is the REC center address.

Go past Bob Evans and McDonalds and the huge building (which is the REC CENTER) is on the right.

In Depth Directions provided by Google Maps:

Physical address of the “Rec Center” for everyone wanting to put this into your GPS and do it your way.

South Charleston Community Center
601 Jefferson Rd
Charleston, WV 25309

Directions inside the REC Center:

YOU’VE MADE IT INTO THE REC CENTER! YAY! Go in the front door, turn right down the hallway at the concession stand.  Go down steps 1 flight, the meeting room is at the bottom of the stairs.  We will have the large Spruce signs at strategic places and we will have directions in the mailer we send everyone.