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The online course is fully self paced to accomodate your busy lifestyle and variety of schedules. Despite it being self paced you will find we DO offer instructor support live in chat and also a scheduled meeting room if you might need that extra help. We strive to go above and beyond the normal sterile class that "self paced online classes" can sometimes feel by providing you that readily available instructor support and an online community of peers. Fully approved by ARELLO®, and IDECC® for its online delivery method and approved for 90 hours of education by the WVREC to allow you to test for the state exam you can sign up and begin taking the class NOW by clicking here.

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The chart below can help guide you with your persoanl timeline. Clearly there are exceptions to your own calendar but this might help.

You create your own calendar using our West Virginia real estate license course

West Virginia Real Estate License Calendar Here at Spruce we are pleased to announce that the timeline you create for yourself is what makes YOUR calendar. You are going to be your boss here, the master of your OWN domain ;) . What does that mean? It means that after enrolling in the Online West Virginia Real Estate License Class (Please call 304-744-1286) you will be given a password and username to your academic account. You can then log in and start. The online real estate class follows the guidelines set for by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission and therefore is the required 90 hours of class time. (Sorry guys and gals, that's just the way it is in the state of West Virginia and unless you're able to change the state law, you're not finding anything shorter... as it's actually not legal to offer anything less. That said, you can estimate the time you might spend by thinking of what a class approved for 90 hours of course material would take you... (probably around 90 hours ;) Feel free to request a detailed analysis of this 90 hours if needed but for a short note on a website please bear with the 90 hour summary. The procedure for how quick you can get it done is based on your effort. Here is a brief summary of what would be done within your personal calendar; You will have 90 hours of material to complete in the online real estate class. You will have to schedule a background check. (*Gone over in your orientation) You will have to find a sponsoring broker so the WVREC will accept your state application (*Gone over in your orientaion). You will have to submit your app to the WVREC and wait on their approval to test through a third party testing center called PSI (*Gone over in your orientation). SOUNDS LIKE A LOT!? Well, trust me, it's our job to hold your hand and make sure you know what you're doing through each of those steps. (Unlike some nationally based courses who are too large to give that level of care) and let me tell you that Spruce is GREAT at guiding you through those steps and getting you to your goal. With 25 plus years of experience doing just that, Spruce knows the procedures and policies to make this as easy on you as possible. Your online real estate class calendar quite frankly was never easier when you think of the simplicity Spruce has brought to you by using cutting edge technology, interesting presentations, and walkthroughs of everything needed to prep you to test for your license.

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Spruce Benefits

Spruce has 28 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

All 90 Hour Courses are constantly updated to keep pace with the state exam requirements.

We offer the most up-to-date information the DAY BEFORE the state exam in a power-packed all-day review session.

Special Note

Our famous ONE DAY REVIEW is now included with your online real estate class enrollment. There is NO extra charge for the review and is added to the existing course timeline, above and beyond what any other course offers. We are giving you a full days review of the 90 hour content absolutely free. Take your WV Real Estate License Exam with confidence with Spruce!