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What are the 7 hour continuing education courses we offer?


Spruce School of Real Estate will be conducting a 7 hour Continuing Education Class on the following Saturdays:

June 6th, 2015 (Charleston, WV)
June 20th, 2015 (Charleston, WV)

The topic will be Red Flags in Real Estate.

Location: Spruce Classroom, South Charleston, WV (Unless noted above)

The course will start at 9 a.m. Cost is $50.00. Everyone is welcome....call 304-744-1286, to reserve your seat. Call 304-744-1286 to enroll now. No refunds can be given after enrollment.

Understanding Continuing Education Requirements for West Virginia Real Estate Agents

I. The Basics: Requirements and Deadlines West Virginia sales agents must renew their license by July 1st every year, no matter when during the previous year they were tested and licensed. For instance, if an agent passes the exam and is officially licensed on June 30, he or she still must renew the following day (July 1st). To qualify for renewal, West Virginia real estate salespeople must qualify by obtaining seven hours of continuing education. Then only exemption is for agents who have been licensed for less than one year - the West Virginia Real Estate Commission (WVREC) will issue a letter waiving the continuing education requirement until after their first renewal.

II. Continuing Education Subject Matter The West Virginia Real Estate Commission approves a wide array of courses dealing with a variety of real estate related subjects, and agents are free to choose which subjects in which they would like to become more knowledgeable. There are many possibilities, but the most common subject areas include law, ethics, civil rights, equal opportunity, appraisal, contract law, finance, and principal/agent relationships.

III. What to Expect When Choosing a Provider With the proliferation of online classrooms and distance education courses, continuing education possibilities are now wide open. But while this is an advantage to many of us, it can also require a little research in order to weigh each option and determine both credibility and practicality. Despite which provider and delivery method you choose, there are a few guiding principles of which every licensed real estate professional should be aware:

a. The course must be approved by the appropriate regulating body (or bodies). All West Virginia real estate continuing education courses must be approved by the WV Real Estate Commission. Providers of these courses submit materials and an application to the WVREC for review, after which the Commission determines the amount of credit each course may offer.

Online course providers must take this accreditation a step further. They must also have the approval of ARELLO (the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials), a global regulatory agency whose scope includes everything from verifying licenses to regulating real estate practice to enforcing real estate law. In West Virginia, the WVREC will not approve an online course without it first having been approved by ARELLO.

b. All WV real estate correspondence courses require a final comprehensive exam. Students will not be given a certificate of completion unless they pass the exam with a 75% score or better. At the conclusion of the course, students will be asked to sign documentation affirming their identity and the amount of time they spent in attendance, and also that they did not receive assistance during the exam.

c. Give consideration to courses based in your home state. Many course programs are developed and offered through distance education - and may not actually have originated in the state for which you hold a license. To be sure you are receiving the most current and comprehensive information for your state, you may want to give extra consideration to programs developed by instructors and qualified professionals who currently operate within your state's regulations.

No matter which provider and delivery method you choose, the most important key to any real estate agent's success is a blend of knowledge, innovation, and making wise business decisions. Understanding continuing education requirements is a fundamental part of meeting legal requirements to do business, but don't overlook the opportunity for personal growth and professional development. Look for ways to apply textbook knowledge to practical experience and be an active participant in your education. Make the best of it, and say yes to opportunity. You're already off to a great start.

Due to changes in real estate licensing law and the way education is delivered "MAILING" a course is no longer possible by ANY school regulated by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission. We are currently in the process of making online courses available to you that will meet everyone's requirements. In the meantime Spruce School of Real Estate is partnering with Career WebSchool who offer online real estate courses.

You can purchase their online classes here.


When and how can you get your 7 hours of continuing education?

The 7 hours of continuing education you need will be provided "in class" under the instruction of Wade Caskey, and we are working very hard to have a product that you can take at your own pace through your home pc very soon. Until that convenience is created you can either fulfill your "In Class" requirement during 7 hour classes held by Wade Caskey and Billy Zwiener OR Spruce School of Real Estate is partnering with Career WebSchool who offer online real estate courses.

Check all scheduled "in class" dates here.

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Spruce has 20 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

All 90 Hour Courses are constantly updated to keep pace with the state exam requirements.

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