Pre Real Estate License Classes for the state of WV

What is the 90 Hour Pre Sales Course?

To sell property as a licensed real estate salesperson the state of West Virginia requires that you take 90 hours of education through a pre approved West Virginia real estate school. So in short, that is what the 90 hour pre sales class is. It is the required class to attain your WV real estate license. The West Virginia Real Estate Commission makes the rules and we follow them. When they say jump, we say how high, and we have made our jumping as high as you can get to be the best provider of education this state offers. We have made making study guides that prep you for taking the WV Real Estate School WV real estate exam our business and have perfected that for 20 years. We have also become the #1 West Virginia real estate school for our pass rates which have been consistently at the top #1 spot above all other West Virginia real estate schools for TWENTY YEARS!!! So what does a West Virginia real estate school like ours do next? Well, we make our classes even more accessible and get them approved to be delivered as ONLINE WV Real Estate Classes through Arello, a global regulatory board for online real estate classes. Spruce School of Real Estate is the #1 WV Real Estate School and or "Pre-license" courses are the most up to date courses available in the state, PERIOD!!!! More people get their license, both Broker and Salesperson through our school than any other West Virginia real estate school because of our time proven success rate.

When and how can you take this course?

The Pre-License Course is available to fit anyone's schedule! You can take course all over WV (and the world for that matter) through our online real estate classes under the instruction of Billy Zwiener. The online class functions on both Mac and Windows based computers and are now even iPad friendly providing you with a live licensed instructor so you can literally interact when you have questions and sit back in your comfort zone. These 90 Hour real estate classes are constantly updated to keep pace with the WV real estate exam requirements.

Spruce offers every option possible to fit your schedule and gain your WV real estate license so we encourage you to be honest with your learning style and make the decision of whether online real estate classes or in class classes would help the material sink in best. Our staff, fully licensed and approved by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission and regulated by ARELLO real estate professionals can assure you that our education is exemplary. Spruce has 28 years experience practicing and educating. Our West Virginia real estate school has taught over 8,000 pre-license sales and broker students.

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Spruce Benefits

Spruce has 28 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

All 90 Hour Courses are constantly updated to keep pace with the state exam requirements.

We offer close to 14 hours of review materials free of charge AFTER your course is completed. Previously known as the "One Day Review" we evolved to meet the new testing delivery realities and brought the review online. You will all test on different days throughout the month now so we OFFER the review EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH and this is ONLY provided to our students.

Special Note

Our WV Real Estate License Exam prep is offered to fit your schedule! Work all day? Have kids? Log in when YOU want. Have a licensed instructor on call in live chat when YOU WANT!