Getting a WV Real Estate License:

The WV Real Estate Commission requires a background check...

Now I know what you're thinking. Some of you could care less (the people who have never violated a law:) and some of you are scared and nervous that they're digging up when you cheated on your 3rd grade spelling test and are bringing out alien probing devices. Possibly even a DUI is on your record from your past and you'd rather that part of your life just stay buried. Well, I'm going to start out by saying that don't let something from your past stop your current path of pursuing your WV Real Estate License. The background check really isn't in place to make anyone feel uncomfortable. The background checks were put into the standard process every applicant must undergo so that the West Virginia Real Estate Commission has less guesswork on who they deem is dangerous to society. If you happen to have anything on your record, I'm lead to believe it is MOST LIKELY NOT 99% of the things the West Virginia Real Estate Commission is looking for when blacklisting someone trying to get a WV Real Estate License. A side note on DUI convictions. I get asked about these quite frequently and I have personally seen hundreds of DUI cases go through the screening so I'm led to believe that the WVREC is NOT looking for people with DUI convictions to stop from getting a WV real estate license based on THAT alone. So now, put your fears aside, there will be no probing and this is just one of the steps to getting a WV Real Estate License.

So what needs done? Simply two steps:

1) Call Indentogo @ 1-855-766-7746 or use their website to make an appointment

2) Complete the form linked here WVREC Background Check and take it with you to your appointment

WV Real Estate License Fingerprint Now, are you confused about anything? One of the many benefits that has made Spruce the #1 West Virginia Real Estate School is our helpfulness in walking you through each of these steps. We are NOT going to abandon you and make you a number like some nationally based real estate school who's resources are spread too thin. We are going to hold your hand anytime you need help and tell you what you need to do for each of these steps so feel free to call us, email us, etc. We take pride in making sure our students feel comfortable, clearly knowing what they are doing so that these confusing steps towards getting your West Virginia Real Estate License are as painless as possible.

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