The West Virginia Real Estate License Application

How to fill out the WV Real Estate License App...

Yes, we understand that filling out the West Virginia Real Estate License Application is confusing! So we've put together this short video for our students to be able to follow along with and hopefully make life a little bit easier. Sometimes it takes a long time to get the app completed because there are notarized signatures required, you need to find a sponsoring broker, and you then have to deal with mail delivery to get it there. Make note that all of this is gone over in the class, however having this video "how to" posted here is a great reference for easily finding the info later when you are ready to mail it in. Also make note that now that PSI handles the testing daily that you need to wait until the real estate class you are taking is completed and we mail you your completion transcript before you mail in your state real estate license application. If any of this seems confusing please check out the above video. You can also read how to find a broker here if you need some hints or that concept seems foreign to you. We understand looking for a broker can be a new experience for most people. Spruce has been the #1 West Virginia Real Estate School for our students consistently passing the WV Real Estate License exam, month after month, with higher pass rates than any other WV real estate school since we started teaching 20 years ago. We hope you find this video on how to fill out the West Virginia Real Estate License Application helpful.

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