DEADLINES for the WV Real Estate Exam

The system regarding deadlines for the WV Real Estate License Exam has changed for the better!

there are no deadlines for the WV Real Estate License Exam

So what's all this noise about changes implemented by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission and deadlines? Well, I'll tell you what. It gives the power back to you for controlling your own destiny! There is no more racing to meet one deadline a month to take the WV Real Estate License test on just one date! The West Virginia Real Estate Commission has implemeneted a system that allows YOU to test at a geographically EASY testing center and testing will go on DAILY at these locations. This means the OLD way of doing things and meeting one deadline is OUT THE WINDOW and I personally feel, GOOD RIDDANCE!!! The new policy is

  • 1) Finish your online real estate class.
  • 2) Wait on Spruce to mail you out your completion transcript which you will attach to your state application paperwork and mail the whole thing to the West Virginia Real Estate Commission. (Confused? I have this outlined in a nice easy video right HERE (so feel free to go there if you're confused on how to fill out that salesperson license application so you can test.
    • (Don't forget about your background check which still needs done and is gone over in your orientation! THAT still is part of this paperwork! There is also the $25 app fee but again you guys SHOULD be aware of the fine details of this by taking the Spruce Orientation in the online real estate class ;) This reference is just here for a quick answer about the deadlines and the real easy "I'm holding your hand and explaining this" is within the online real estate class;)
  • 3) Mail ALL your paperwork to the WV Real Estate Commission.
  • 4) Wait on the WVREC to approve your state salesperson license application.
  • 5) Wait on PSI (the testing center) to contact you and assign you your testing location and testing date.
It is my understanding that YOU and PSI coordinate this testing date and location so no worries about it conflicting with cousin Jimmy's birthday party! Again, YOU control your own destiny now. Get it done!

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Spruce Benefits

Spruce has 28 years of hands on experience in our home state of WV, more than any other WV real estate classes provider.

All 90 Hour Courses are constantly updated to keep pace with the state exam requirements.

We offer the most up-to-date information the DAY BEFORE the state exam in a power-packed all-day review session.

Special Note

Our pre sales WV Real Estate License class is the ONLY online class that is always kept current with the information necessary to pass the state exam. Others may make this claim, but since the exam changes from month to month, prior knowledge of the exam's content does NOT help anyone pass.