Why Becoming A Real Estate Agent Is Just The Beginning

Most agents usually experience a rude awakening after they get their WV real estate license. Before you start off at your WV real estate school, you are of course anxious and uncertain about the future. However, as you progress with your education, you realize things are way easier than you first thought them to be. As a matter of fact, most people do not see why people consider being a real estate agent a hard job. You cannot help but think about all the property that you will sell and you even begin planning for your future and how big a success you will become.

At the end of it all, you get a WV real estate license and you go out into the world with high hopes and determination. At this point, most people even have buyers lined up and ready for their big buy. Some get lucky and make their first few sales in the first months of entering the working world. Even though the gains are never as much as they anticipated, this is still a win. For most however, the real estate world turns out to be a nightmare and seemingly just for them. It always appears as though everyone else in the brokerage agency is earning while you are not. The buyers that you had apparently lined up turn out to be unreliable and most people probably give up if they have not made a sale in the first three or so months. It is as this point that the painful realization of the complexity of the real estate market hits you. Before you venture out as an agent, it is therefore critically important that you pay attention to the following factors.

Your choice of sponsoring broker

Real Estate Agent on Phone
Google search brokers in your area and call them to make appointments

I will emphasize this as I have in other posts. Your broker is your critical turning point and the choice that you make on the same could make or break your career. You need to choose a broker that is concerned about the success of the beginners. Some agencies place too much attention on the high earners and too little on those that earn nothing or earn too little, which is where you will be while starting out. It is therefore important that you choose a broker that will place emphasis on teaching you how to go about in the business even though you are not earning as much as the other agents.

Have backup income

You should never go into the business with the hope that you will earn a lot and your financial situation will be stable. In fact, for most businesses, this is never the case. If your sole financial is real estate, then you will very well be in a tight spot before you can settle everything. Make sure that you have a contingency in place before you start making your first sales. It is always important to have backup income, which is why I emphasized on using your website

Money in hand
Have money to start this plan.

or blog for affiliate marketing in one of my posts, even though that in itself takes time. The best way to approach this is to find another source of income, such as affiliate marketing, while still in WV real estate school so that by the time you obtain your license, your income source is stable and can generate enough to sustain you.

Lower your expectations

Many external factors influence whether you get to earn in your first few months. That is why it is never a good idea to just focus on internal factors. Sure, you passed all your exams and got your license but what about the real estate market conditions? Are there more sellers than buyers? Is there a sale cycle and if so, at what time of the cycle is your market at by the time you get your WV real estate license? Considering the fact that you do not know how the market is, and whether or not you could make great sales, you should not have extremely high expectations. Even so, that does not mean that you have no expectation at all. You should have goals and plans to achieve them. However, monitor your goals so that they do not come across as too extreme and ludicrous.

Be determined

Not making a sale in your first months should not be your undoing. In fact, it should push you into doing more. You should always be determined and confident in your skills and choices. For your first months, you should place more emphasis on mentorship and learning the ropes. Sharpening your skill before you get into the market is a sure fire way of making great sales. Focus on progressive earning rather than expecting a one-off mega sale that will put you on the map. Marketing should also be a huge focus of yours at this point such as through websites, blogs and social media.


While earning yourself a WV real estate license is a remarkable feat, it is not a guarantee of success. Instead, there are other concerns outside of your WV real estate school that you should pay attention to.


WV Real Estate School for that 2015 Upper Hand

So a new year is coming upon us. Where did the time go? Did we achieve our goals that we set out to do last year? Is it time to take a new step?

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Well, if you’re looking for the current WV Real Estate License Requirements which would ultimately lead to you finding the best WV Real Estate School look no further. Spruce School of Real Estate is a small family run school that has got some BIG pass rates and big attention around the state for the number of real estate agents we continue to help achieve their goal of passing the WV Real Estate Exam. If you have questions about how to get a real estate license in WV or about the sometimes confusing WV Real Estate License Requirements let us make it simple and call us at 304-744-1286 or 1-800-864-7318.

Merry Christmas from Spruce!

You might be shocked when you call and find you get an answer from a real person during off hours. We take this stuff personally and the fact that we are a small family run business means YOU get the attention that you want, not the attention provided by a electronic call waiting service while you wait on hold for the prompt to tell you a maze of numbers to press to only reach another recording. Spruce School of Real Estate wants to be your WV Real Estate School and make the upcoming year of 2015 a great, productive year for you, where you can get out there and make money being your own independent contractor as a WV real estate agent.

Stop sitting at home during Christmas break watching HGTV and LIVE it! Contact the best WV Real Estate School and get signed up to start walking the path of your HGTV heroes. Make 2015 a year of rewarding challenges. There’s no better way to start a great challenge than with the help of a WV real estate school that has the focus, employee base, skill and knowledge of over twenty years in the real estate education business, to walk with you hand in hand.

Review Class is at the REC Center April 2014

Anyone set to take the West Virginia Real Estate Exam April 4th and attending the the Spruce School of Real Estate Review session on April 3rd please make note of this. The review is being held at the South Charleston

WV Real Estate Exam Review
April 2014 Spruce Review is going to be at the South Charleston REC Center

REC center rather than Wade’s normal classroom due to an expected large group of attendees. You will also get these mailed to you along with info on the review but here ya go for those who don’t like to wait.

Simple Directions:

Exit 54 MacCorkle Avenue, turn onto Jefferson Road, 601 Jefferson Road is the REC center address.

Go past Bob Evans and McDonalds and the huge building (which is the REC CENTER) is on the right.

In Depth Directions provided by Google Maps:

Physical address of the “Rec Center” for everyone wanting to put this into your GPS and do it your way.

South Charleston Community Center
601 Jefferson Rd
Charleston, WV 25309

Directions inside the REC Center:

YOU’VE MADE IT INTO THE REC CENTER! YAY! Go in the front door, turn right down the hallway at the concession stand.  Go down steps 1 flight, the meeting room is at the bottom of the stairs.  We will have the large Spruce signs at strategic places and we will have directions in the mailer we send everyone.

Spruce School still has in person classes despite water fiasco in Charleston, WV

Everyone’s heard the news of the water problems in Charleston, WV that started on Thursday morning. 4-methylcyclohexane methanol leaked into the Kanawha river and affected 9 counties and hundreds of thousands of people who are still unable to

bottled water
Water in WV is hard to find in 9 counties

shower, bathe, wash hands, you get the picture. It’s really not a great situation down there. I’m fortunately in Morgantown, WV writing this and although my pipes froze and broke in my house due to the past weeks abnormally cold temperatures at least I could go to my neighbors and refill 5 gallon jugs to wash my forks with.

All that said, is today a GREAT day to start WV real estate online classes?! I’d think so! But if you are bull headed and want to drive into Charleston, WV then the bull headed of bull headed, Wade Caskey WILL be teaching his classes tomorrow morning despite the fact that EVERYTHING else is closed. So get your real estate classes groove on and get signed up by calling 304-744-1286. Honestly, I AM a internet type of guy so I’m not going to lie, WV real estate online classes seem the appropriate way to go. I shopped for this years Christmas 100% online because I see crowds as an avoidable annoyance, so when I hear that chemicals have poured into the water supply making it dangerous to wash your hands in an area I turn the other way, but our in class session tomorrow in Charleston actually has a huge turnout expected. Makes you think? What CAN stop the pursuit for knowledge? Well, there is a solution for the pursuit of knowledge that doesn’t involve staying two weeks in a hotel without showering and that involves taking your WV real estate online classes from the comfort of your own home. You can even relax in warm bubble bath of clean water while you listen to a lecture!

Prayers for the people this chemical spill has affected and speedy recovery for it’s cleanup and the damages done to the area business and it’s people down there. Let’s hope we all can get some notice on when the water is expected to be useable soon. Until then, if you are still craving an education in the real estate field, Spruce School of Real Estate has you covered with dedicated teachers, holding class in Charleston despite this water crisis. If you aren’t feeling like asking for discomfort, there’s always WV real estate online classes from your couch.

Background Checks for WV Real Estate License Become Huge Annoyance

If you’re trying to get a West Virginia Real Estate License and test in November, 2013 you’re probably getting very frustrated.

sample fingerprint
Background checks from Identogo are now mandatory.

It seems that Identogo, the company hired as a third party screener by the West Virginia Real Estate Commission to do background checks on all students hoping to get their West Virginia Real Estate License has had some problems communicating the info to the commission.

Red Tape and Issues

Red tape abounds and getting a West Virginia Real Estate License truly is a lot of paperwork. This most recent hold up is just another frustration for hopeful students hoping to be selling real estate in December.

What does this mean to the hopeful test takers? It means that the WVREC doesn’t have the applications completed in time to test in November. Click to Tweet

What’s most frustrating to many hopeful West Virginia Real Estate License students is although the checks were done on time it was something that was outside of everyone’s control that held up the applications. Identogo, the company in charge of the background checks has yet to comment on the situation. So what are the new guidelines being asked for? As of October 8th, 2013 having a background check accompanying your West Virginia Real Estate License, application is state law.

See details from the source, the WVREC

To brief yourself from the source, here’s the West Virginia Real Estate Commission’s website: https://rec.wv.gov/Forms/Pages/default.aspx

The physical form that you need is located here: WVREC Background Check Form

You will need to make an appointment with this company called Indentogo by calling 855-766-7746 or using their website: https://Identogo.com to register an appointment. The commission isn’t allowing any more testees to test unless a background check is completed beforehand. Let me repeat, YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT A BACKGROUND CHECK WITH YOUR APPLICATION.

If you already submitted your application you will STILL need to do this background check in order to test. The background check will be sent electronically to the WVREC by Identogo once it is completed so the form does NOT need to be mailed.


1) Make an appointment with Identogo by calling 855-766-7746 or using their website: https://Identogo.com

2) Complete this form: WVREC Background Check Form and take it with you to your appointment

Spruce School of Real Estate prides itself on being your #1 West Virginia Real Estate School. Spruce wants to help with any confusion regarding this new addition to the paperwork in order to get your Real Estate License. We also would like to show some empathy about your anticipated deadlines potentially not being met for this November testing date.

We understand as much as anyone when something beyond your control throws everything off. That is apparently becoming the case here with Identogo and the West Virginia Real Estate Commission not being on the same page when it came to getting everyone filed on time.

Good news is there’s always December. What better gift to give yourself for Christmas than the potential for a new career? Spruce, taking pride as the premier West Virginia Real Estate School, will help any way we can in seeing you get your West Virginia Real Estate License and come December’s test, all of the communication breakdown between the WVREC and Identego should be resolved.