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What is the MLS

Recently I was asked to clarify what the Multi Listing Service is when dealing with real estate professionals at the WV real estate school online. The MLS isn’t as simple as saying, “it’s a website”, nor is it complicated once you get some hands on with it.

What is the MLS?

What is the Multi Listing Service? Is it a website?

The MLS “clause” mentioned in your book and that you learn in your online class is contained in a contract and is what allows a home to be advertised and shared around the brokerages in your area. Yes, when you see a public MLS # on a printed advertisement or on a web page it shows up there because the client agreed to have their property listed on the MLS most likely when they signed the original listing agreement. The clause is only a few sentences and could be easily overlooked within the listing agreement but basically states that the owner permits the agent to post it in the MLS. This is more or less standard procedure. If a client did NOT want it posted on the MLS it would be self defeating if you ask me, as the exposure the seller would get trying to sell the property would become so small it would be hard to know why they sought out help from an agent to begin with.

Online Real Estate School MLS search

Web based MLS is just the beginning of the services provided.

Now that covers what the clause is. Now, in regards to thinking of the MLS as a website. That has some truths although the MLS is much bigger than that. The site or websites are all pulling their data from the MLS of your region. Every region has their own MLS.  Many websites can share that info, for example, REALTOR.com gets their data from varying local MLS’s just like in your area. As an agent you will most likely pay to have access to your local MLS so that you can see all the activity in your area. This also allows you to analyze past sales data, etc. They are rather huge databases. The one that services your area is MUCH more in depth than going to a public site like REALTOR.com . You most likely cannot avoid paying to use this specialized online real estate service (nor would you want to. It would be very self defeating as an agent to not have access to this info.)

As said earlier, all regions have their own MLS and share the data. The office you will eventually work for will tell you what MLS you will subscribe to and what that MLS website is. They will provide you with a password and username and you will probably pay a monthly fee to use it. These subscription based MLS’s allow a HUGE variety of things an agent can do. From managing clients, to sending emails, to compiling reports for your clients, assisting with listing presentations, etc. One of the things that might set you apart as being a good agent is learning how to use the MLS services offered to you. (This goes beyond the spectrum of something I can teach at the WV real estate school online as every regions are different, BUT in todays computer world you can jump in, push some buttons and figure it out probably very well.) Once you start working at your brokerage it will be one of the first things you get set up and will become a huge part of your toolbox as an agent.

Also noteworthy, BEFORE many MLS went online with all of its conveniences the listings would be kept in books, carried around and printed at regular intervals. Can you imagine the headache of old listings in between publications? Also agents would have to utilize all kinds of other methods to manage their client base that is now very cleanly managed within the computerized versions. 
Another thing your local MLS office will handle is your lockbox key access. Clearly without this you are not getting into any houses to show them. 

Hopefully this clears some confusion about what a MLS is and as always, if you’re interested in pursuing a real estate career you know that the best WV real estate school online is right here so ask away!


WV Real Estate Classes

Real Estate requirements will increase within the next decade to cater to increasing population and immigration. Many are foreseeing low interest rates and economic stability.

Economic Growth WV Real Estate Classes Online

Economic Growth WV Real Estate Classes Online

Thus many will be building their first house or buying a second one. This is the reason why careers within the real estate industry are one of the most remunerative occupations in recent years. Now, with the convenience provided by the internet, valuable tips, courses and information about almost anything, and in our case real estate, are available. Today even medical consultations are done online. And new email correspondence courses have become easily available. WV Online real estate schools and courses are continuously being designed and upgraded to help speed up the real estate careers or earning capacities of many men and women. Most WV’s online real estate schools offer courses for preparing for the real estate brokers licensing exam.

These courses vary according to state laws. The student is therefore given a lead-in into these laws to enable him to work in other states. With such questions as “Are you new in real estate and just want to obtain a broker’s license. Or do you want to review and be updated with the latest trends, news and laws regarding the real estate industry because you want to renew your license? We believe that whatever your purpose is, we’ve got you covered. Online real estate courses WV therefore cover the following basic courses:

1. Courses for Real Estate Sales Person License.
2. Courses for Real Estate Broker’s License
3. Courses on Real Estate Appraisal
4. Courses on Real Estate continuing education
5. Courses on Real Estate Blogging
6. Courses on Post Education

WV Real Estate Classes Online

There’s no better time for WV Real Estate Classes Online

The good thing about Online real estate course in WV is that it is self-paced, user-friendly and therefore easy and convenient. For courses like real estate, WV online real estate schools are preferred because of it’s cost-effectivity. There are also mock exams which are patterned from previous examinations to determine the student’s readiness for the real estate broker’s exam. Furthermore, you can go to “School” by merely going online anytime and any day of the week. And what’s even more exciting is that you don’t have to quit your job in order to learn about real estate. Plus you can contact for support by simply sending an email or calling a number. Now is the best time to learn about real estate. Feel free to contact us at 304-744-1286 to see if our WV online real estate classes are the right ones for you!


Review Class is at the REC Center April 30th 2015

If you took your WV Online real estate classes with us and are set to take the West Virginia Real Estate Exam May 1st and attending the the Spruce School of Real Estate Review session on April 30th please make note of this. The review is being held at the South Charleston

ODR at South Charleston REC Center

Attending the ODR this month? We have moved it to the South Charleston REC Center.

REC center rather than Wade’s normal classroom due to an expected large group of attendees.

Simple Directions:

Exit 54 MacCorkle Avenue, turn onto Jefferson Road, 601 Jefferson Road is the REC center address.
Go past Bob Evans and McDonalds and the huge building (which is the REC CENTER) is on the right. 

In Depth Directions provided by Google Maps:

Physical address of the “Rec Center” for everyone wanting to put this into your GPS and do it your way.

South Charleston Community Center
601 Jefferson Rd
Charleston, WV 25309

Directions inside the REC Center:

YOU’VE MADE IT INTO THE REC CENTER! YAY! Go in the front door, turn right down the hallway at the concession stand.  Go down steps 1 flight, the meeting room is at the bottom of the stairs.  We will have the large Spruce signs at strategic places and we will have directions in the mailer we send everyone.  


WV Real Estate School for that 2015 Upper Hand

So a new year is coming upon us. Where did the time go? Did we achieve our goals that we set out to do last year? Is it time to take a new step?

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Well, if you’re looking for the current WV Real Estate License Requirements which would ultimately lead to you finding the best WV Real Estate School look no further. Spruce School of Real Estate is a small family run school that has got some BIG pass rates and big attention around the state for the number of real estate agents we continue to help achieve their goal of passing the WV Real Estate Exam. If you have questions about how to get a real estate license in WV or about the sometimes confusing WV Real Estate License Requirements let us make it simple and call us at 304-744-1286 or 1-800-864-7318.

Merry Christmas from Spruce!

You might be shocked when you call and find you get an answer from a real person during off hours. We take this stuff personally and the fact that we are a small family run business means YOU get the attention that you want, not the attention provided by a electronic call waiting service while you wait on hold for the prompt to tell you a maze of numbers to press to only reach another recording. Spruce School of Real Estate wants to be your WV Real Estate School and make the upcoming year of 2015 a great, productive year for you, where you can get out there and make money being your own independent contractor as a WV real estate agent.

Stop sitting at home during Christmas break watching HGTV and LIVE it! Contact the best WV Real Estate School and get signed up to start walking the path of your HGTV heroes. Make 2015 a year of rewarding challenges. There’s no better way to start a great challenge than with the help of a WV real estate school that has the focus, employee base, skill and knowledge of over twenty years in the real estate education business, to walk with you hand in hand.


WV Real Estate Market isn’t ALL bad

Looking at the news I see the ten most expensive markets in real estate with New York being at the top and I start to wonder how my good ol gold and blue state of West Virginia is doing? Now, NY City is always doing very well in attractive qualities for investment but how do they continue to place the WV real estate market so low?

WV Scenery

Beauty and opportunity are both alive and well in West Virginia.

Everyone living here knows that West Virginia is NOT a bunch of back wood hill billies and that there are actually more rednecks in Pennsylvania than WV (kidding, maybe I’ll take a survey at the end of this asking who thinks more backwood hill people live in Western, PA, NY State, or West Virginia and we will see by popular vote who wins… I always vote New York State) but WV got the stigma so I guess we live with it. Inhabitants of the state also know there ARE towns in WV that are quite scary for our one tooth inhabitants and it doesn’t help that our state looks a little bit like a pork chop on the map BUT to off set the craziness of there being some hillbillies we also have larger cities that actually have a lot of cultural diversity, are smart, safe, beautiful, places to live and raise families, like Teays Valley, Morgantown, Winfield, Bridgeport, to name just a few. You can check out a comprehensive list of the best cities in WV to live in here http://www.areavibes.com/best-places/west+virginia/

That said, I think it’s safe to say that different cities are going to be night and day when analyzing real estate growth in West Virginia. My experience in Morgantown, WV, which is where I have resided for twenty plus year so I consider myself skilled in watching the growth here, is I have seen the real estate growth be positive for so long that it simply amazes me by what I read about how bad off we are. I guess the University and hospitals bring in enough income and employment that they keep our real estate investments not only holding steady but even growing despite economic failings elsewhere in the country.

Scouring the internet for lists of the wealthiest states and comparing the results to other findings seems to put West Virginia towards the bottom of the list. Anywhere from 38 to 48 depending on the source so I think it’s safe to say we are thought of as towards the bottom, but let’s think about a few things here, our median income has remained stable for the past 5 years at around 50k, meaning somehow the state has dodged an economic roller coaster like other parts of the county. Our real estate has also held stable in many areas of the state and I can say from real life encounters of the homes selling in Morgantown that the homes are selling for a lot more than what is expected. So much that people moving from other areas such as Florida, NY State (nudge, nudge), and other seemingly great areas, are a little disappointed when they start looking in our market. It’s not uncommon to work with a client that shows up with the proceeds from their 2,500 square foot home that sold in Florida and that has now only afforded them to shop in West Virginia for a home that’s 1,500 square feet and a fixer upper. This often adds to some confusion and anger by the people trying to move in, and my feelings as a real estate agent are, “don’t hate the messenger”. West Virginia Real Estate ain’t doing bad! So, why is our real estate so unaffordable to many people relocating, when the conception of West Virginia is that it’s one of the poorest states in the country, full of people who breed with their family and can’t read? Could all the hype of WV real estate be wrong by these outsiders!!!?? Yes, they can be wrong and they find that out when they get here.

Think I’m over exaggerating? Just recently Morgantown was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters showcasing home buyers relocating to Morgantown WV from sunny Florida. You can read the article and fact check my bragging regarding the Morgantown, WV real estate market here http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters/after-living-in-five-states-in-seven-years-tim-and-summer-munyon-are-ready-to-settle-down-in-morgantown-west-virginia/index.html

So why is it that this couples $250,000 – $300,000 budget wasn’t enough for this hillbilly town? West Virginia has a lot of depressed areas economically, just like every state in the country. Everything can’t be booming I guess. There are towns in West Virginia that have small populations and high unemployment but don’t let that fool you into thinking West Virginia is a complete loss. You’d be surprised to see that there are areas in West Virginia that are doing superb in the real estate market and it doesn’t seem like a bubble to me when I have seen it be steady for the past 10 years despite reports all over the country showing that other areas are drowning. This stability in many parts of West Virginia is really an opportunity for its real estate agents.

While West Virginia might be ranked anywhere from 38-48 in reports on the nations economy, our dollar value has held steady here, our median income hasn’t dropped, and there are some areas in the state that seem unbelievably unaffected by the gloom and doom the media portrays. Not only that, there is money to be made as a real estate agent in those areas because the sale of property hasn’t taken a hit and there continues to be buyers, sellers, and commissions to be made in many areas of the state.

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